“I invite you for dinner”

Brescia, Italy.

The context in which we find ourselves is clearly characterized by the possibility of massive migrations and encounters between different people, in a very new situation for the history of humanity. The difficulty of coping with such novelty is seen by the fact that there seem to be no other way, on the one hand, the clash of cultures and civilizations, with the risk of leading to violence, on the other hand, the indifference, which is expressed in multiculturalism. But one fact is placed before our eyes, another chance.

J. Carron, The Disarmed Beauty

On 21 December 2015, in Brescia, an event took place to assist those with economic difficulties and social problems, or refugees : an opportunity to be together during the Christmas holiday.

Several culinary masters, all rewarded and internationally renowned prepared dinner for those who would never have the opportunity to appreciate their talents.

A number of Associations known for their social work came together for this grand occasion.

Approximately a hundred volunteers organized the event taking care of every detail, to ensure that the celebration would bring to fruition everything the event was based on.