Slowly Slowly on the Stone

CONTEXTO2016, Edolo (BS), Italy

The city is in the eye of the beholder, almost as if they live there. To send a photographer to seek “his own” Edolo, means to await an unexpected image of the same town, faces and streets.
Marina Lorusso did not fall short of the expectations and in her photographs she was able to represent the areas with an overwhelming empathy that has always characterized her photography reportage.
The photographs are of great character, in which the author is thrown in an unsparing melee, looking for the timeless truth of these stones.
The outcome of the photographic gallery seems completely far away to the picture perfect postcards, and yet no less elegiac.
They are images which embed the ancestral truth of these homes and for which, therefore, there is no fear of time.

Davide Dall’Ombra

(Artistic Director Contexto 2016)